who we are

Scarpe Uniche Venezia is a new brand born during the 2015 from an original idea of two artisans, Paolo and Daniele, master shoemakers. Their factory is situated on the "Riviera del Brenta", the river that even today is considered the link with the Canal Grande in Venice; the unique city in the world full of history which beauty is represented by the manifacturing realized into this area.

The cultural and commercial flows that along the centuries have passed through Venice with art and culture, have created precious manufacturing and customs.

The Beauty is supposed to live into the eyes and hands of whom is born and grow up near it.

In this area, during the '60s, begin the history of this brand that starting from a little workshop is arrived to be - through the years - a factory at the service of the international luxury brand. Paolo and Daniele, follow the passion acquired from their parents; the high quality, the respect of the tradition and of the ethical value - and above all the professionalism and attention to detail, made this factory to the service of the customer. They make their know-how and abilities available to the customer in order to realize unique shoes.

Scarpe Uniche Venezia represents the difference and the evolution of the luxury shoe - when the artisan become in the same time stylist and producer, giving to the shoe the surplus value of the experience, with the dream to support excellence of the real Made in Italy in the world.